Selena Writes Justins Name On Her Wrist

We are pretty certain that Selena has not got a real tattoo at this point in time and is just writing her BF’s name on her wrist for good luck, but even so, writing someone’s name on your wrist in public is a big statement!

Selena seems to be getting a lot of fake tattoos at the moment. Could this be a sign that she is thinking of getting a real one?


Selena Gomez Rides Scary Carnival Ride

Selena is one brave girl! Selena was seen riding this ultra scary sling shot ride at the  Oregon State Fair over Labor Day weekend.

We can safely say that you would never catch us going on a ride like this… ever!

Taylor Swift And Nicki Minaj Sing “Super Bass”

Be aware of some mild language in the video!

Taylor and Nicki performed together at Taylors concert in Los Angeles. Both Taylor and Selena had already sung this song various times and we’re now wondering if Selena is going to get to perform this song with Nicki.

Did you like Taylor singing a very different kind of song? Would you like to see Selena singing this song with Nicki?

Help Selena In Choosing Her Fragrance!

Last month Adrenalina made the big announcement that they would be developing Selena Gomez‘ first fragrance and now she needs your help!

Later this fall, fans can go to and vote on what they’d like it to smell like. The top votes will then be incorporated into the final scent hitting shelves in 2012.

To encourage fans to participate, the first 50,000 voters will receive a free sample of the fragrance and also be entered into a drawing to win a tour of the fragrance lab with Selena.

Sounds fantastic and cool if you’ve always wanted to make your own fragrance… or meet Selena lol