Happy Birthday Hans Zimmer

Happy 54th Birthday to composer Hans Zimmer! Zimmer has composed music for over 100 films including some critically acclaimed film scores.

The one’s that you Disney fans are most interested in are probably “The Lion King”, “Muppets Treasure Island” and “The Pirates of the Caribbean Series”.

What is your favourite score by Hans Zimmer?


Happy Birthday Dee Bradley Baker

Happy 48th birthday to Dee Bradley Baker. He is most famously know as the voice of Perry the Plater puss, but older fans may also him as the voice of Klaus Heissler in American Dad, or even as the voice of the Clone Troopers In the Clone Wars.

Looking at his page on Wikipedia, the list of animated programs he has been in goes on and on!


Happy Birthday Tim Burton!

Happy birthday to the film director, film producer, writer and artist, Tim Burton. Most people know him for “The Night Before Christmas” or maybe ever “Alice In Wonderland”. He turns 53 today. The next Tim Burton film coming to our screens will be “Frankentweenie”, which is set to be released on the 5th Of October 2012.