Beauty And The Beast (1991)


  • Paige O’Hara as Belle – (Animation – James Baxter) – A bookish young woman who falls in love with the Beast and finds the kind-hearted human inside him. In their effort to enhance the character from the original story, the filmmakers felt that Belle should be “unaware” of her own beauty and made her “a little odd”. Wise recalls casting O’Hara because of a “unique tone” she had, “a little bit of Judy Garland”, who her appearance was modeled after.
  • Robby Benson as The Beast – (Animation – Glen Keane) – A cold-hearted prince transformed into a beast as punishment for his selfishness, but later warms, with the help of Belle, and ends up being transformed back into a handsome prince as a reward. Chris Sanders, one of the film’s storyboard artists, drafted the designs for the Beast and came up with designs based on birds, insects and fish before coming up with something close to the final design. Glen Keane, supervising animator for the Beast, refined the design by going to the zoo and studying the animals on which the Beast was based. Benson commented, “There’s a rage and torment in this character I’ve never been asked to use before.” The filmmakers commented that “everybody was big fee-fi-fo-fum and gravelly” while Benson’s voice had the “big voice and the warm, accessible side” and that “you could hear the prince beneath the fur”.
  • Richard White as Gaston – (Animation – Andreas Deja, Ron Husband, David Burgess, Tim Allen) – A highly egotistical hunter who vies for Belle’s hand in marriage and is determined not to let anyone else win her heart, even if it means killing her true love. Hahn commented that they had “big line-ups of good-looking men with deep voices” during the casting auditions, but that Richard White had a “big voice” that “rattled the room”. Gaston’s supervising animator, Andreas Deja, was pressed by Jeffrey Katzenberg to make Gaston handsome in contrast to the traditional appearance of a Disney villain, an assignment he found difficult at first.
  • Jerry Orbach as Lumière – (Animation – Nik Raineri) – The kind-hearted but rebellious maître d’ of the Beast’s castle, he has been transformed into a candelabra. He has a habit of disobeying his master’s strict rules, sometimes causing tension between them, but the Beast often turns to him for advice, and he is arguably the Beast’s closest friend after Belle. He is depicted as a bit of a ladies’ man, as he is frequently seen with Babette the Featherduster and immediately takes to Belle.
  • David Ogden Stiers as Cogsworth – (Animation – Will Finn) – The castle majordomo and Lumiere’s best friend, transformed into a clock. While he is as good-natured as Lumiere, he is extremely loyal to the Beast so as to save himself and anyone else any trouble, often leading to friction between himself and Lumiere. Stiers also provided the voice of The Narrator.
  • Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts – (Animation – David Pruiksma) – The head of the castle kitchens, turned into a teapot, who takes a motherly attitude toward Belle. The filmmakers went through several names for Mrs. Potts, such as “Mrs. Chamomile”, before Ashman suggested the use of simple and concise names for the household objects.
  • Bradley Michael Pierce as Chip – (Animation – David Pruiksma) – A teacup and Mrs. Potts’ son. Originally intended to have only one line, the filmmakers were impressed with Pierce’s performance and expanded the character’s role significantly, eschewing a mute Music Box character.
  • Rex Everhart as Maurice – (Animation – Ruben Aquino) Belle’s inventor father.
  • Jesse Corti as Le Fou – (Animation – Chris Wahl) – Gaston’s bumbling and often mistreated sidekick.
  • Hal Smith as Philippe – (Animation – Russ Edmonds) – Belle’s horse.
  • Jo Anne Worley as Madame De la Grande Bouche Wardrobe – (Animation – Tony Anselmo) The castle’s authority over fashion, and a former opera singer, turned into a wardrobe. The character of Wardrobe was introduced by visual development person Sue C. Nichols to the then entirely male cast of servants, and was originally a more integral character named “Madame Armoire”. Wardrobe is known as “Madame de la Grande Bouche” (Madame Big Mouth) in the stage adaptation of the film.
  • Kimmy Robertson as Babette the Featherduster – A featherduster and Lumiere’s lover. She is named “Babette” in the stage adaptation of the film, and “Fifi” in Belle’s Magical World.
  • Frank Welker as Footstool, aka Sultan – The castle’s pet dog turned into a footstool, whom Chip seems to own as his pet.
  • Mary Kay Bergman and Kath Soucie as the Bimbettes – A trio of village girls who constantly fawn over Gaston. They are seen crying as he attempts to propose to Belle.
  • Tony Jay as Monsieur D’Arque – The owner of the Maison de Lune. Gaston bribes him to help him in his plan to blackmail Belle.

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