Have We Found A New Hidden Mickey?

Kittens Marie has spent weeks looking for hidden Mickey’s and now thinks she’s finally found one in Disneyland Paris. What do you guys think? Is it a real Hidden Mickey and has it not discovered before?


Hear the Tale ‘a Pirates of the Caribbean from the Captain Himself!

If you love seeing old videos from back in the days of Walt Disney, then you will love this video of Walt talking about how the Pirates of The Caribbean ride came to be. A real must for all Pirates fans!

Disneyland Paris – Creating Sleeping Beauties Castle

Here is a fun little video. It feels weird watching a video of them building something that you are so used to seeing fully built and in all it’s glory.

After 3 years of intensive labor, Disney Imagineers pass a symbolic step, when the highest turret is put in place at the top of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Park. Relive this moment as if you were there with this multi-camera video!