Is Tron 3 Happening?

When questioned about the possibility of a third movie at a Disney D23 event, the actor said: ‘Oh, it’s already a done deal. It’s already in the works, my friend.’

Bruce Boxleitner said a third Tron instalment is in the pipeline
Bruce Boxleitner said a third Tron instalment is in the pipeline

Boxleitner, who plays Tron in the franchise, added that 2013 could potentially be the year of its release, saying: ‘It takes a long time to make these things, we won’t get to it until next year anyway.’

While this might seem a long time to wait for those eager to catch the next instalment, fans of the saga are used to long waits between films, with the sequel being released some 28 years after the original cult classic.

The prospect of a third Tron movie may surprise some cinemagoers, as the sequel earned mediocre reviews and made a disappointing $44 million (£27.2m) in the US on its opening weekend.

In addition, many critics said that its $400 million total worldwide revenue would not be a strong enough figure for Disney to further add to the franchise.

However, the studio is likely counting on its upcoming animated Tron: Uprising TV series to earn the saga a wave of new fans.

As much as we love Tron and it’s sequel, we can’t really see a film working without Jeff Bridges. Unless they have found a way to bring his character back!!!

Thanks to The Metro


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