Toy Story – The Titles That Could Have Been!

Though its iconic characters and storyline would remain the same, there’s a truth to the saying that it’s all in the name. Given the franchise’s legacy, with three full length films, multiple short films, video games and a legion of branded products, it’s fair to wonder what would have come of “Toy Story” had it been given a different title.

Because, as it turns out, that was nearly the case.

Lee Unkrich, the editor of the first “Toy Story,” co-director of the second and solo director of the third,revealed on Twitter Tuesday that “Toy Story” was just a working title, with the intent on replacing it when the film reached the public.

Eventually desperate for a new name, Pixar put out a call to all employees, asking them to send in suggestions. Unkrich tweeted a select number of them, with some eyebrow-raising titles included.

  • The New Toy
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Moving Buddies
  • To Infinity and Beyond
  • Wind-Up Heroes
  • The Cowboy & The Spaceman
  • Spurs & Rockets
  • Bring Me The Arm of Buzz Lightyear
  • Wind the Frog
  • Rex’s First Movie
  • For the Love of Peep
  • Toyz in the Hood
  • Each Sold Separately
  • Wings & Pullstrings
  • Some Assembly Required
  • The Favorite

Think there would be any chance of a movie called “Bring Me The Arm Of Buzz Lightyear” becoming a global phenomenon? Do you have any other suggestions for a good name?

Thanks to The Huffington Post


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