Pixie Hollow Games

Check out your FIRST LOOK at Brenda Song inside the recording booth for the upcoming Pixie Hollow Games!

The 23-year-old actress voices Chloe in the upcoming special which will premiere this fall on Disney Channel.

In the Pixie Hollow Games, all of the fairies and sparrow men in Pixie Hollow gather for the legendary three-day Olympic-style competition event, which culminates with one fairy guild being named champion of the Games.

Determined not to let the garden fairies’ unfortunate history of not performing well at the Games get to her, newcomer Chloe (Song) works to convince all of the other garden fairies, which includes her teammate Rosetta (Megan Hilty) and the pragmatic Fern (Zendaya), that they must work together and dig down deep to break their well-known losing streak.

Along the way, the reigning champion storm fairies, including Rumble (Jason Dolley) and Glimmer (Tiffany Thornton), continue to intimidate and outperform their competitors, but with Chloe’s spirited determination, they are forced to work harder than ever before.

BrendaJasonZendaya and Tiffany will also be at the D23 Expo on Friday to promote the games!

Thanks to Just Jared Junior


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