New Disney Snow White Movie

The saga of the three Snow White movies continues. While most of the media attention has been going to Universal’s Snow White and The Huntsman and Relativity’s Lily Collins/Julia Roberts starring Snow White project up to this point, that’s because they got a bit of a head start in the Snow White game. Disney announced a while ago that they were going to be throwing their hats into the ring and turning this battle of the Snow Whites into a three-way affair, and there appears to be some motion on that front.

The last time we heard about film it was going to be called Snow and the Seven, and it was about a 19th century Englishwoman traveling to Hong Kong for her father’s funeral, along with seven deadly companions. That concept seems to still be in place, and we also know a bit more about it. This Englishwoman, it seems, is being pursued by an ancient evil, and the warriors accompanying her are not only from an ancient order of fighters, they are also a multi-national group of colorful characters with different fighting styles.

Apparently at some point I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence was brought on to direct, but that was short lived. He has already dropped out and Disney has brought on effects guru Michael Gracey to take his spot. Gracey started as an animator working on movies like Happy Feet, but has since moved on to create special effects for commercials. He’s even made a few that have won awards. Yeah, I guess you can win awards for making commercials. Who knew? Look out Universal and Relativity, Disney has brought a big dog to the fight!

Oh yeah, one more thing, the movie is no longer being referred to as Snow and the Seven. Its new title will be The Order of the Seven. Adjust your to-do lists accordingly.

Sounds Interesting, although with all the competition will Disney’s version really get the attention that it should? What are your thoughts on the third Snow White movie to be announced this year?


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