Selena Gomez We Own The Night Tour Info

If all you guys didn’t already know, Selena Gomez has just started her brand new we own the night tour. With 32 concert dates across the USA a lot of you guys will be getting the chance to see her, but for all you guys that can’t make it, or live in a different country such as us, here’s a bit of info on the concerts.

The We Own the Night is the third concert tour by American band Selena Gomez & The Scene. The tour will promote the band’s third studio album, When The Sun Goes Down The show will primarily visit the United States. Selena Gomez & The Scene will be supported on tour primarily by Allstar Weekend  and Christina Grimmie.



Christina Grimmie Setlist

  1. “Advice”
  2. “Liar Liar”
  3. “Cover Medley”
  4. “Only Girl In The World” (Rihanna Cover)

Allstar Weekend Setlist

  1. “A Different Side of Me”
  2. “Come Down with Love”
  3. “Do It To Me”
  4. “Dance Forever”
  5. “Blame It On September”
  6. “Dancing In The Dark” (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
  7. “Hey Princess”
  8. Last Friday Night (Katy Perry Cover)
  9. “Mr. Wonderful”
  10. “Not Your Birthday”

 Selena Gomes & The Scene

  1. “A Year Without Rain” (Dave Audé Remix Version)
  2. “Hit the Lights”
  3. “Summer’s Not Hot”
  4. “Round & Round”
  5. “The Way I Loved You”
  6. “We Own The Night”
  7. “Love You Like A Love Song”
  8. “Spotlight”
  9. “Bang Bang Bang”
  10. “When The Sun Goes Down”
  11. “Intuition”
  12. “Falling Down/Superbass (Nicki Minaj cover – only first verse rap)”
  13. “Rock God”
  14. “Off The Chain”
  15. “Middle of Nowhere”
  16. “My Dilemma”
  17. “Britney Spears Medley (Chris Cox Megamix + Hold It Against Me)”
  18. “Whiplash”
  19. “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”
  20. “Naturally”


  1. “Who Says”
  2. “Magic” (Pilot cover)
We are insanly in love with Selena’s dresses but even more in love with the microphones. We wish someone would make us our very own custom microphones. Mines pink please!

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